Record and rewatch any TikTok LIVE

Meet Rewatch Live - never miss a LIVE again. Record and Rewatch you and your friends TikTok LIVEs. Get the App Today!


Easily Record TikTok LIVEs

The Rewatch LIVE app is super easy to use

  • Multi Record

     Auto Record multiple live streams simultaneously.

  • Cloud Saves

     Auto Save LIVEs to our cloud, no space taken up on your phone. 

  • Unlimited

     Watch in the app or enjoy unlimited downloads, save the live stream directly to your device.  

  • Secure

     Save live video totally anonymous, our servers handle it all. Totally secure, you never have to enter any of your TikTok account credentials.

  • Watch Live Anonymously

    Watch the current LIVE anonymously without entering their chatroom. For when you just want to watch without talking! 

  • Made by Indie

    Rewatch LIVE is made by a super small team. We are responsive to everyone of our customers.

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